Here I’ll lay out a bunch of translations and definitions etc.

At some point during your study of jiu Jitsu you will find that you’re going to want to start talking about it.  At that time it’ll really help to know some of the japanesse used to name the techniques.  Learning enough japanesse to talk about jiu Jitsu and learning japanesse are not even close to the same thing.  If you want to learn Japanesse than I suggest you try Duolingo.

It’s hard to learn them all at once.  I found Quizlet, which I found to  be way easier to learn than the index cards I made myself.

Quizlet – Japanese for Jiu Jitsu

Let me know if you find this resource valuable or if you see any mistakes that need correcting.

Japanese for Jiu Jitsu
If you are learning Budoshin Jiu Jitsu or American Jiu Jitsu system then this set is for you.

jime choke
sode sleeve
ube thumb
otori throw
take block
hiki pulling
otoshi drop
ushiro backwards
gatame pin
hane inner sweep
shichi 7
kubi neck
shioku nerve
shimi pain or strangling
ukemi fall
kuko speed
hasami scissors
koshi hip
katame grappling
tsuki attack
uki floating, go, pull
uke attacker
ishi fist or stone
obi belt
maitta I submit
osoto outter
shiho corner
garami entanglement
eri lapel
hiza knee
tatake strike
atama head
guruma wheel
makikomi winding
yame stop
kuruma wheel or wind
kotukai attention
nawa rope
nage throw
reverse, opposite
yoko sideways
kata form
randori free exercise
ju 10
san 3
kiai spirit shout
ki wood or inner spirit
hidari to the left
tani valley
ude arm
ura back
kao face
hagime begin
ko, sho small
migi to the right
rei bow
nodo throat
yubi finger
mae forward
waki armpit
te hand
hachi 8
roku 6
arrigato thank you
tekubi wrist (hand’s neck)
cote wrist (small of hand)
ippon one point
Shi, yo, yon 4
go 5
dojo school or place of enlightenment
ku 9
hai yes
ichi 1
juji cross
harai outside sweep
ni 2
hiji elbow
ashi foot
waza technique
matte wait
rei bow
o big, major

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